Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quick Update

I'm not dead. I just haven't had any share-able projects so far, nor did I do much work on my project backlog. I did advance some things here and there, but work and school is killing me taking all my time at the moment.

Here's what I can share!

They're cleaning the warehouse at work, and I got to go home with a few interesting items. Some I will disassemble at some point...but first here's a box:

If only I could rotate pictures...
That I refinished.

Much nicer. According to the black tag, it used to be used for a Collimator that was probably used to check for planarity of big surfaces.

Not shown on the picture, but the box was all mangled. The tape was literally holding it together! As soon as I removed all of it, the bottom and the back fell right off. The front was fine though, so there was no need to tow the box outside of the environment. Nothing epoxy can't fix.

I also tried my hand at sewing for making a parachute for the rocket club at university.

This...stitch? Folding method? Thing? Is based on AC43.13, the FAA advisory circular for aircraft repair. The start of it is pretty ugly, but it holds together quite well. This is a great experience that will elevate my cosplay making skills to new levels!...that is, level one hopefully...because I haven't finished a single cosplay yet...

Speaking of cosplay, I finally grew a pair and added the molded and 3dprinted pieces to Dark I only need to add details to the handle...and paint it. Haven't taken pictures though...I really need to get better about that.

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